15 November 2021 – Feast of Mother Marianne Nasi

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15 November 2021 – Feast of Mother Marianne Nasi

Dear Sisters,

The emotion and joy of Mother Elda’s election is still alive in each of us: we give thanks to God for everything. Deo gratias!

We now share with you what we are going to live in the next few days.

Yesterday, 14 November, we welcomed the sisters that each Monastery has elected to form, together with the Capitulars already present, the Assembly of the Family of Contemplative Life. The Assembly of the Family of Apostolic Life is already complete, since it is formed by all the Chapter Sisters of Apostolic Life.

Also yesterday, we began to work into two assembly groups as forescen by the Rule of Life, to address specific issues concerning each Family. We are planing to proceed in this manner until Saturday.

We are reading the messages you are sending tu us every evening: the well wishes, the words of encouragement. The assurance of your closeness and remembrance in prayer are sustaining us in this delicate task at the service of the entire Congregation.

Certain that you continue to be with us, we still rely on your prayers so that in everything we can give glory to God and seek only His will.

            In Domino!

            The Chapter Sisters

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