End of the General Chapter celebration event

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End of the General Chapter celebration event

Dear Sisters

On Saturday, 26 November, the celebration of our XI General Chapter came to an official end with the speech of Sister Mother.

At the end of her speech we went to the chapel and while singing the Te Deum of thanksgiving four Sisters, representing all the Cotenghine Sisters present on the four continents, brought incense and placed it at the sides of the altar to signify the praise to God that flows from the heart of every Cotenghine Sister.

Each of us then brought a small lamp to the altar, expressing our desire to be a light wherever the Lord places us, with the sisters of our respective communities and monasteries, with our brothers and sisters whom we meet, for whom we pray and for whom we care.

The celebration concluded with another gesture charged with a symbolic value.

Mother Joan anointed the forehead and hands of Mother Elda invoking on her the gift of the Spirit of Wisdom, of Fortitude and in turn, Mother Elda blessed each one of us inviting us to be a blessing for the sisters of our communities and monasteries.

Deo Gratias to God the Good and Provident Father for this chapter experience! An experience of intense communion, sharing, collaboration, confrontation, research, mutual gift…all in an atmosphere of service and joy.

In short, a truly SYNODAL experience.

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