About us

We are women consecrated to God who follow Jesus in today’s world.

We wish to live the Gospel of Love and witness to every man and woman the beauty of the Word of God that has resounded in our hearts. A Word that has given meaning to our life, has unified our past and that every day urges us to our brothers and sisters, especially those who live on the margins of society, victims of the “culture of discarding” because they are alone, poor and abandoned. A Word that urges us to proclaim the presence and tenderness of God the Father who loves and cares for every life, especially those who are more fragile and weak because they are small, young, elderly, disabled, homeless and in a situation of hardship, to tell them “I want you to be there”. The dignity of each person, their human, social and spiritual growth, the promotion of a culture of life is important to us. We are a religious Family born by divine inspiration from the heart of St Joseph Benedict Cottolengo and divided into: Sisters of Apostolic Life and Sisters of Contemplative Life.

Our Religious Family is a constitutive part of the Little House of Divine Providence together with the Family of Brothers and the Family of Priests.