Apostolic Family

Cottolengo’s adventure of charity and our entire history as Cottolengo sisters are a living testimony to the mercy of the Father, a sign of his closeness and goodness, a commitment for us to continue this “epiphany” of Christ’s Charity in our brief history projected into the future.

Christ is the author of our vocation, the centre and reason for our life. The Word of God, resounding for us in history through the work of our Founder, sends us to the poor, placing us beside them as sisters and mothers. With prophetic boldness, driven by the love of Christ that we have experienced in ourselves, with simplicity and joy we make ourselves instruments of Divine Providence, witnessing to the world that God is Father.

Every cry of pain, every voice begging for help, for consolation of body and spirit, is echoed in our hearts as Cotolonghine Sisters. Driven by the fire of Christ’s charity, we make our own the sufferings of our brothers and sisters and rush to soothe, comfort and give hope, returning the love we have received as gratuitous love.

Our Family is made up of members of different nationalities and cultures, and we are present on 4 continents: Europe, Africa, Asia and South America, and North America.