Contemplative Family

Our service is the liturgy: in silence and solitude, in prayer and joyful penance, nourished by the sacraments, especially the Eucharist, by assiduous reading of the Word, by continuous Adoration. Through the work of the liturgy we project ourselves into the eternal, prophesying the glorious praise that begins in this life as a gift from God. Our service is to keep alive the memory, the awareness that beneath the disfigured features of the suffering is the Face of Jesus. In the contemplation of the Lord’s Passion we see God’s love for us. In front of the lifted up Lord we learn to recognise in pain the sign of love and to transform all suffering into love: the Christ reached in contemplation is the same Christ who lives and suffers in the poor. The man and woman of today need consolation as always, and more than ever; that is why we place ourselves beside the suffering and desolation of this century as silent presences, as words of consolation. Even when we find ourselves powerless in the face of pain, we believe that through prayer it is possible to “descend” into the hearts of those who suffer in order to sow the seeds of hope.

The presence of our Monasteries is in Italy and in Africa.

Monastery Adorers of the Precious Blood of Jesus

Via del Santuario, 22

tel: +039 0119481192

Jesus Priest Monastery

at the Little House of Divine Providence Cottolengo

The Carmelite Monastery

Str. Leone Fontana, 4
10133 TORINO (TO)

tel: +039 0116612000

Sacred Heart Monastery

Via Siena, 2

Janua Coeli Monastery

at the Cottolengo Piccola Casa of Biella
Via S. Giuseppe Cottolengo, 66
13900 BIELLA (BI)

St Joseph Monastery

at the Piccola Casa della Divina Provvidenza in Turin
Via S. Giuseppe Benedetto Cottolengo, 14
10152 TURIN (TO)