The “Cottolenghi Oblation” is a form of association to the Family of Contemplative Life to which people can adhere who feel called to live their Baptism, sharing the Cottolenghi spirituality in the contemplative dimension, having a monastery as a point of reference.
This form of association is regulated by the Statute of the “Contemplative Oblation of Saint John of God”.
The Cottolengo Contemplative Oblate is called to bring to the Church and to the reality in which she lives and works the contribution of the charism of St.G.B.Cottolengo: centrality of Christ, confident abandonment in the Providence of the Father, active charity, in a simple and joyful life.

The Oblates offer themselves to God in the monastery, which they consider as a second family, in order to breathe its vital influence, participating in prayer, in initiatives and, according to possibilities, making their skills and time available.
“The Oblates recognise the monastery as the primary point of reference for their spiritual journey, and the community recognises in them an articulated expansion of its own charism, in a relationship of reciprocity and complementarity”.