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Florida, the Cottolengo Community celebrates the gift of six new Aggregates.

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30.04.2021 – Solemnity of St. G.B. Cottolengo – at the Marian Center in Miami

Carla Ancilli, Linda Billisi, Johnnie Brown, Maria Vittoria Gomez, Micheline Malebranche, Maria Elena Rodriguez will make their promise.

“In time, the Little House will also help those who have helped it and contributed to its prosperity; spiritual and even temporal blessings will descend like rain upon them, since it is impossible that the alms given and the good done to the poor will impoverish anyone: and whoever contributes to the support of the Little House can live certain that he too will experience for himself and for his family heavenly blessings, and participate in that same Divine Providence, which in such a special and visible way assists and maintains it.”

                            Saint Joseph Benedict Cottolengo

 “If I can’t do big things, I can do small things in a fantastic way”.

Martin Luther King

Frase del Santo

Avanti in Domino