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One more reason for invoking Sister Maria Carola

In these days, in an atmosphere of dialogue and discussion, we have continued our chapter work.

Deo gratias for your greetings and prayers that make us feel close and encourage us to continue our work.

We are approaching the eagerly awaited day of the Election of our Mother which will take place on the morning of Saturday 13 November. It is a significant day for us Sisters of St Joseph Cottolengo.

It is the day in which we commemorate the birth into heaven of our sister and venerable Sister Maria Carola Cecchin; to her intercession we entrust this important moment.

We ask you to continue to pray and offer for this event of Grace.

In Domino!

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Like a sunrise on the sea

8 Nov. 2021

Study and reflection days continue in plenary and committee sessions.

The communion and sorority among us sisters from different realities and contexts, with different histories and cultures, of apostolic and monastic life continues.

Deo gratias!

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Official Opening XI General Chapter

Today at 16.00 we experienced the Eucharistic celebration presided over by Father Carmine and concelebrated by the Vicar for Religious Life of the Diocese of Turin, Father Sabino Frigato, in the presence also of Brother Giuseppe. At the end of the celebration, in procession and invoking the gift of the Holy Spirit, we went to the Chapter Hall.

Father Carmine’s homily

Mother Elda carried a two-flame candle, a sign of the two families of our congregation, and placed it at the foot of the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary asking for her intercession for the forthcoming work. She then addressed a speech to all present and thus officially opened our 11th General Chapter.

Opening address of the General Chapter – Mother Elda Pezzuto

To all of you who are close to us with affection, we ask you to continue to accompany us on this journey with your prayers, so that we can set sail, carried by the wind of the Spirit.

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At work…

Having finished reading the Report of the General Council on the personal, material, religious, apostolic state and government of the Institute 2015-2021 accompanied by questions and reflections, yesterday in the afternoon we divided into the five Commissions where we will deepen particular topics and themes that are the object of study of our Chapter.

The Chapter Sisters who pray together during the middle hour in the hall.

These moments are also accompanied by prayer that sustains our work, but we feel the closeness of all of you dear sisters of the Congregation who, in the Monasteries, in the infirmaries and in daily service, are reminding us in your prayer and fraternal closeness.

Thanks be to God!

Frase del Santo

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