We feel close to you

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We feel close to you


Deo gratias for your messages of closeness and prayer.

We are glad to reach out to you this time with a video-clip that recounts some “ordinary and extraordinary” moments of our days.

In the week of commemoration of our dear departed ones, some of us went to the cemetery of Celle Ligure while others went to Varazze praying the Holy Rosary, we remembered all the cottolenghini and cottolenghine who are already contemplating the “beautiful paradise”: the Little House of Heaven.

The Holy Rosary of the 1st Saturday of the month, made us feel on the journey with all of you.

Singing the litanies of our Mother Mary, we went in procession before her statue and entrusted to her the one that the Divine Providence will give us as Mother.

Our  heartfelt Deo gratias united in prayer.

From Chapter’ Sisters

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Official Opening XI General Chapter

Today at 16.00 we experienced the Eucharistic celebration presided over by Father Carmine and concelebrated by the Vicar for Religious Life of the Diocese of Turin, Father Sabino Frigato, in the presence also of Brother Giuseppe. At the end of the celebration, in procession and invoking the gift of the Holy Spirit, we went to the Chapter Hall.

Father Carmine’s homily

Mother Elda carried a two-flame candle, a sign of the two families of our congregation, and placed it at the foot of the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary asking for her intercession for the forthcoming work. She then addressed a speech to all present and thus officially opened our 11th General Chapter.

Opening address of the General Chapter – Mother Elda Pezzuto

To all of you who are close to us with affection, we ask you to continue to accompany us on this journey with your prayers, so that we can set sail, carried by the wind of the Spirit.

Frase del Santo

Anche i piccoli hanno diritto alla loro piccola reputazione